Saturday, February 5, 2011

wild weather and what to eat and drink

Apples on our tree - will use them tonight to make my current favourite apple crumble using nuts and butter for the crumble

Rocket from the garden, the doona stealing weasel does most of the gardening producing corn, cucumbers and tomatoes at the moment, but I do the rocket, lettuce and spinachy things

Jac ignoring the warnings about swimming in floodwater - the bikepath in our local park
Well it's been a crazy weather time in Australia, Queensland floods Victorian floods, Cyclones and more floods here. I am sitting in my study with no lights because we have water dripping through the light fitting from the latest storm. Waiting waiting for the builder designated by the insurance company to contact us, but knowing we must be a long way from the top of the list because so many people are worse off. We have no wet carpet, still have some power so food in fridge is okay and we can cook, what else do we need? The woman on the phone for the insurance company was delightful, said she hadn't had lunch because everytime she stopped she saw there were over 400 calls waiting so wanted to help respond to them. It took over half an hour for me to get through so I did appreciate it

Melbourne is living up to it's 'if you don't like the weather just wait' reputation. 40 degrees last week, hot and sticky on Friday and today we are down to 19 and cold with minimums of 12 forecast for this week. Love it, never boring.

The sun is shining even though it's cold, the garden is so well watered, the tanks are full, we have lots of cucumbers in our garden, the world is a pretty good place.

Life has been hectic with the doona stealing weasel's son and family here for a week. I learnt how to play scrabble with an IPAD and using Iphones as the rack for the letters - interesting experience! And we went to Geelong adventure park - recommended for fun, though poor old Ari missed out on lots f things because you had to be 1.2 metres to go on many of the water slides. He did try to tell the man guarding the entrance to the Aqua Racer that he was that high but to no avail, still the tiny tots area was great and we all had a ball... I did not have to try the scary water slides as I had the excuse of having to stay with Ari (memo to self do not take boys when Ari is 1.2 metres high).  Made a pavlova for them and have a photo now to prove it...

But relaxed this weekend at Rye with Annie, some sparkling wine, those delicious white anchovies, ciabatta, freshly picked tomatoes and rocket, fried haloumi cheese and delicious chocolate from the always reliable Aldis. Little nervous though after a report of a snake being seen in the backyard and slithering off to shelter in next doors long grass. I don't mind snakes too much, I know they'll try to keep away from me, but worry about the lovely Jac deciding it would be a fun thing to chase, so kept her locked in at night time. Had bellbirds in the back yard - beautiful sound always, and so many pelicans, they must be celebrating all the water lying around.

Swam in the bay after the storm with grey skies and the most amazingly green sparkling water, quite weird. Put up a new clothesline to replace the one that keeps breaking down there - made an old fashioned one using rope and trees, it worked and looked beautiful from the decking with the towels and sheets flapping in the wind. I will just have to make sure laundry is always colour coordinated and bright! And invented a doovylacker to keep out the flies and mossies for the front door, by using shade cloth some dowling and few lead weights - pure genius, photos to come.....

And now for my attempt at Haiku

The rain is falling
water leaking from the roof
will the roof fall in?

The rain stops for a moment
oh and now the sun is shining
makes a garden paradise

Melbourne summertime!


  1. Well that all sounds terribly delicious! And reminds me of the veritable bounty of food - fresh and deli-style - that you can get in Oz, enjoy it on my behalf please x

  2. Yes and of course happy birthday lovely Emily, hop eyou got my card,the present is on the way....