Sunday, December 12, 2010

beaches, carol singing and new cocktail

I got quite excited when the local opshop had all these rubber ducks for sale for only 30 cents each, so bought a few to come and live in the bathroom here. With the addition of the battery candle from the Carols, I thought they made a delightful looking choir.

A bit of kitsch that I managed to stop myself buying at the local market - it's a solar lamp Bridgewater Bay around sunset

Rye beach at dusk
I am currently down at my favourite escape place, the place where I find sanity and peace. It is down on the Mornington Peninsula. Have come down here with a good friend who is over from France and looking forward to enjoying our summer, however we have failed badly as have not yet managed to get above 20C and had cold winds and rain constantly, so today as we enjoyed our umpteenth beach walk, Harriet actually put her gloves on.

Despite that it has been a lovely few days. I have done lots of work around the house, with good advice from H, visited the local markets and lots of trips to Bunnings! And we have had lots of walks along the beach, despite the cold it has been quite beautiful. We were lucky enough to be here when they had the Carols down on the foreshore, the music was a bit forgettable, except for a 13 year old who was quite amazing, but the atmosphere was great. Kids running everywhere waving their (battery operated) candles, with the sea in the background, lots of enthusiasm and to top it off, fireworks, which of course traumatised poor old Jack (the dog) completely. I had to sit down and hold her, her little heart was beating rapidly and I felt quite bad for not thinking about how it would effect her, although I had not expected fireworks. I found myself next to a woman who was holding her spaniel who was just as traumatised as Jack. I think she has finally forgiven me for subjecting her to such torture.

One of the finds at the markets was a woman who makes ice cream and sorbet. When I tried her lemon and mint sorbet, my first thought was what a wonderful drink it would make, particularly in summer. So last night we tried this delightfully tangy sorbet with Prosecco. Filled the glass 3/4 full with the sorbet and then poured the Prosecco over and it was to die for. Last night was a bit cool, but on a hot summer evening it would be perfect. Despite the tendency towards freezing last night it was still quite enjoyable, so it is on the list for the festive break down here. One of the lovely things about the market is the reassurance that it is still a bit country style down here. the woman who makes the icecream/sorbets, gave us her address and said if we want any flavour in particular to ring her and let her know and she will leave it in the freezer she keeps in her driveway and we can pick it up and leave the money... I love that sense of trust in people.

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  1. That duck photo is gorgeous! And I love the sound of your sorbet and prosecco invention, will have to try that next time I'm down x