Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rain, sun and swimming

Well, life is pretty good at the moment. First have had a few email comments about my blog and, to quote one of my delightful daughters, they 'happify' me.

Just came back from a couple of days down at the beach. Found a new beach I have not been to before, unfortunately did not have the camera with me. It's down on the Mornington Peninsula on the ocean beach side near Blairgowrie. Called Monterey beach, one of those beautiful little coves with rocks and cave - have to take the boys down at low tide, they will love it. It's great for swimming at low tide, though would be a bit nervous about rips at high tide. About 20 minute walk to get there, but through the National Park so quite lovely and nice sandy path. Did take the dog although one is not supposed to after 9.00am, but she did love it, and had her first experience of the surf beach, so funny to watch, her running into the water, then a wave coming and crashing over her and her running back to the beach looking like a drowned rat. Then when I went for a swim, she got quite concerned running up and down barking. Our isolation was broken by four surfers arriving but they went to the other end of the beach after experiencing Jack's letting them know she wasn't scared of them and was hell bent on protecting me. Very comforting.

It's been very warm and slightly humid here, so the only possible drink is white wine, although I did feel compelled to celebrate being down at my little retreat with some Prosecco which I enjoy immensely. And to complete my little circle of happiness, it was the first Saturday of the month, so the foreshore market was on down at Rye Pier. I love the market. It's quite daggy, lots of local produce sold by the people who grew it, the best plant seller I have come across, everything I have bought from there has done well. And we found an egg poacher, which Erwin has decided is a must have at the moment. Will keep you informed about how it works. And it's right next to the beach, which I love.

The water was sparkling today, still a little cool to swim in, but once you are in and start moving it's fine. The foreshore also has a great camping ground between the mainroad and the beach and people are starting to arrive. Some of them are bagging the best spots for the summer with tents opening out on to the beach view and a hop step and a jump from a swim in the bay beach. I do love the democracy of camping grounds, across the road are houses worth well over a millon dollars because of the beach view and proximity to the sea and here are the campers enjoying being even closer with their deckchairs and lounges all lined up for their view of the beach.

Came home to my grandsons staying the night at my place with their father, as my Melbourne daughter is having a 'ladies dinner' (no men allowed) at her place. Another thing that happifies me - to see her enjoy the company of women. I have to say it is generally the women in my life who keep me sane and on track and actually make it possible for me to have a relationship with a bloke.

So now the boys are in bed, the 7 year old having fallen asleep while watching Iron Chef and the 3 year old, gone to sleep after being allowed to play Dino Dans Digs and Dora and then having several books read to him. And I can relax with the Pinot Grigio which arrived at my door the other day as if by magic..

Hope anyoen reading this finds as much peace as I can in doing the things I do....

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  1. Sounds like a perfect and tres relaxing weekend - ours as not been so peaceful, lots of work for Sean, but we did have a really nice dinner out last night (our first real 'social engagement', so we are slowly being dragged out of our ex-pat hermitage!).