Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Food and Sth Korea

I realise that, despite the title of the blog, I have had very little focus on drinking and eating, so thought I would remedy that today. Recently I visited my daughter http://jorpins.blogspot.com/ who lives in Sth Korea and discovered that the country has the most delicious food.

My favourite I think was Bibimbap, a dish with rice at the bottom with a slightly tangy sauce then a mix of fresh chopped vegetables, or chicken etc, mushrooms, whatever. It is very healthy and absolutely delicious. The other favourite was the dumplings, in soup or just on their own with a sauce. When I came home I so much missed the food that I tried my own version of bibimbap, after I found a great Korean supermarket where I could buy the sauce and (joy or joy) frozen dumplings.

So I tried my hand at Bibimbap. Had the rice in the bowl, added the sauce, some julienned lightly cooked carrots and snow peas, cooked some spinach in sesame oil with garlic and pine nuts and added that and some chopped spring onion. It was not as brilliant as the ones I had in Sth Korea but was pretty good.

And, of course our meals in Sth Korea were always accompanied by beer, or Soju, a sort of rice wine that is eminently drinkable.

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