Friday, November 26, 2010

Noticing what gives us joy and happiness

Well I have just come back froma conference on Children, Community and Connections in Adelaide - the city of sun it appears. It was inspiring and reinvigorating - thanks have to go to Margaret Sim from UNE, who introduced me to epigenics - the influence of the environment on the brain. And specially to Paula Barrett who passionately provided gems of information and wisdom, including that parenthood should not be a search for perfection but that if you are a 'good enough parent for the child in front of you' and love and support your child then that will create healthy children. She also said beign aparent was hard work and that all children will have bad times and good times.

But one thing she said which particularly resonated (after the maudliness of my last post) was that for us to have healthy lives we need to notice the things around us that bring us joy. And we shoudl do that at the start of each day. So, my goal now is to do that every morning. This morning I woke to the sound of rain and the drought here is still close enough to celebrate every rainy day knowing our tanks are filling and the trees and plants are soaking it all up.

I looked at the giant oak tree on our nature strip, a tree that even after 30 years being in this house brings me joy with its size, its changes with the seasons and its provision of a haven for possums and birds. And then of course there was my dog Jack, who came and jumped on my bed and curled up at my feet. I have only had her for six months and she is a constant source of happiness, always cheerful, always happy to see me.

And while he drives me bonkers sometimes there was a happy Erwin, tidying up the mess I leave behind everywhere, The other suggestion to keep our aging brains active is to do something new to stimulate our synapses. So this blog is for me a new thing, I am trying to teach myself to play the ukelele and can now play Mary had a LIttle Lamb and then, inspired by my amazingly creative daughters I have started to draw - when I work out how I can download photos on this thing I will share my drawings with you.

Anyway enough for today, the dog is restless and the wet park awaits. I'll take my camera this time so hopefully will catch the flooded bike path which looked os beautiful last time it happened. Remember to think positive thoughts!


  1. Hi Marg! this is a beautiful post, am loving the blog
    x Olivia

  2. So glad you enjoy it Olivia, trying to think about what is important to remind myself as much as anybody else