Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what to drink when feeling maudlin

Well, this is my first blog post. I am thinking I will write about wine and food appreciation with a bit of life, love and family and a bit of politcs and thrown in. This is because I thinking drinking and eating is what life revolves around.

So to start off tonight I am feeling a bit sad because of the news of the NZ miners and because one of my delightful daughters is in Sth Korea while we all wait in anticipaiton to see what other madness can be created by the North. It would be so much easier if she were safely here in Australia, the country of low crime rates and no wars on its soil except of course for the war against the original inhabitants when my predecessors blythely took their land and massacred them at will.

So I had thought that a little gin might be appropriate, given it is associated with a bit of maudlinness, however I did have a case of a new Pinot Grigio delivered today and the weather is slightly warmish so I have chosen to indulge in that instead. It is a Richland Pinot Grigio and very drinkable. I should say I don't see the point of spending inordinate amounts of money on alcohol, which does not mean I am a cheap drunk! So instead I have these lovely people who ring me every now and then and tellme what they have available that is reasonably priced and then 'hey presto' a couple of days later it appears at my door by magic as it were.

So far I have found it eminenetly acceptable and has helped me feel slightly more at peace with the world, except I have a nasty fly buzzing around. Have to remember to close the fly wires next time.

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  1. Hurrah! And welcome to blog-land! Yes, I agree that gin matches with maudlin, but sometimes it just makes one a little too maudlin so perhaps it's good you went for the pinot grigio instead...