Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy hour for dog walkers

Now I know most people associate happy hour with a drink after work or at the local pub (or wine bar if you are a bit sophisticated!).   However me and the bloke I live with (the doona stealing weasel title has been stolen by Jack the dog) are part of an informal local dog walking group - well walking is actually a bit of a misnomer because the two legged animals tend to stand around and talk while the four legged ones run, wrestle, pee on any bags left on the ground, look for food, roll on smelly bits of ground and generally have a good time.  The group is at times referred to as the ALP - the Australian Labradoodle Party, although in true inclusive style, recognising the multicultural nature of our community, four legged animals from culturally and linguistically diverse (and occasionally unknown) backgrounds are allowed to be members. 

Members of cabinet seeking a briefing from a staffer
A debate in progress
The self appointed PM of the party is Benji, who this week declared that as the staffers (the two legged animals)  of Cabinet Ministers (the motley assortment of four legged animals) were seen to be suffering from stress due to heavy workloads they deserved a Friday Happy Hour.

A pre cabinet caucus meeting
 So the staffers were allowed to bring beverages such as wine or beer.  Which we did and a very civilised way it was to spend a balmy autumn afternoon in Melbourne as the sun was lowering, the dogs played and peed and the staffers quaffed.  The favourite tipple was white wine, we had a delightful Beelgara Estate Range Pinot Grigio, very soft, slight pear overtones and quite pleasant.  There was almost a disaster when a cabinet minister thought the wine glass could be water, however decisive action on the part of an observant staffer averted a problem.

Taking a break form the rough and tumble of cabinet
Should we call a point of order?

na na na na na - I've got the ball


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  1. Thank you for your nice comments. The premise of your Blog is very admirable, there is too much negativity about these days. I am fairly new to blogging and find it a bit like reading a favourite column in a newspaper or magazine, neither of which I buy any more. There are some very worthwhile Blogs out there, kind regards, J.