Monday, April 25, 2011

autumn in Melbourne

I love Autumn in Melbourne, with warmish sunny days, autumn leaves, cold nights so you can light a fire or snuggle under a warm doona, but sitll occasionally warm enough to entice one to go for a quick plunge in the clear seawater.

This autumn I've been enjoying having the grandchildren at the beach, loving watching the new plants germinate in the garden -we have garlic growing everywhere and walking the dog in the morning is an absolute joy with the lorikeets enjoying the flowering gums.  The Easter bonus was accompanying Bec and the kids to an easter egg hunt at Cranbourne then going to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Cranbourne.  The beautiful red centre of the gardens, the children's garden with a dinosaur made from old logs, the water feature where the children could paddle and play stepping stones and the amazing variety of Australian plants was a delight to the eyes and warming of the soul.  Spying a number of bandicoots in the surrounding bush topped it all off beautifully.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a big fan of Melbourne - in fact my son is there right now visiting.

    Lovely images.

    I'm not a fan of bandicoots in my backyard - it usually means they're digging up my garden and dropping Paralysis tocks everywhere!