Friday, May 27, 2011

Autumn in Melbourne no 2

I am still in love with autumn in Melbourne (and surrounds including in this blog Daylesford).

The leaves this year are just stunning, apparently a result of wet summer and now deep cold snap. 

So when I walk the delightful Jac in the morning I have been collecting leaves, I love watching them dry out and curl up, but then they lose their colour, so how excited was I this morning when I found a flower press in the op shop.

So watch out for the progress of my pressing!  And of course because it is autumn and I am celebrating the weather, a lovely glass of Truffle Hill shiraz while I cook my chickpeas to make some humous..... And the garden is giving us rocket, sugar snap peas, silverbeet, the ever present chilis, the garlic is springing up and just planted some broad beans.  Life is good hey!

Hope you are enjoying the weather and your surrounds wherever you are.

1 comment:

  1. Those colours are just stunning! Looks wonderful.

    And after just sneezing my way through Spring I too have decided that Autumn is my absolute favourite season!